(c1923 to c1983)

Specialising in the restoration and reupholstery of vinitage and mid-century dining chairs, TV chairs, armchairs, daybed and sofas

If you need your vintage chairs or sofas restored or reupholstered, you can't go past Aubert Furniture for quality and service. We offer a complete restoration service from start to finish including traditional hand-polishing, detailed repair work, chair repairs, veneer repairs, upholstery, and fabric supply.

So what period is vintage?

Vintage furniture loosely describes any furniture that is old but not antique (not over 100 years old) and is generally older than 40 years old.

So vintage furniture today is any furniture made between 1923 and 1983 (give or take). This period includes styles like Art Deco, Art Nouveau, vintage Queen Anne, vintage Jacobean, depression era furniture, mid-century modern design, and late 70s furniture styles.

We are experts in vintage chair and sofa restoration and reupholstery. Get in touch now if you require a quote to restore your vintage furniture.

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