At Aubert Furniture we are renowned for our high standard of restoration, reupholstry, craftsmanship, and service. Our services include antique, vintage and mid-century furniture restoration and reupholstery. Aubert Furniture was established in 1997 and we are proud to have been servicing Sydney with high-quality furniture restoration for over 22 years. Predominantly, most of the restoration and reupholstery work we do is for the general public and involves working with family heirlooms.

At the helm of Aubert Furniture, you will find Greg Aubert. Greg is an established antique and vintage furniture restorer with over 32 years experience in traditional furniture restoration. Greg holds an Australian certificate in Traditional Furniture Cabinetry and is a leading expert in Australian antique restoration. Greg was formerly Head-Restorer for the renowned Flossoms Antiques of Mosman prior to establishing Aubert Furniture in 1997. Greg works closely with his team of specialised qualified furniture artisans to produce the very best service for the customer every time.


Most of the antique and vintage furniture restoration work we do at Aubert Furniture involves retaining the original finish and patina where possible. We make every effort to conserve the originality, antiquity and provenance of the antique and vintage furniture we work with. All our restoration techniques are in accordance with international antique restoration and conservation standards. We don't do commercial spray lacquer polishing, all our polishing is done by hand using traditional techniques like French polishing (Shellac), hand applied oil finishes and waxing.

We believe that antique and vintage furniture should be reupholstered using the same style and approach that was originally intended for that particular piece where possible. In most cases, we retain and restore things like coil springs, horse hair and traditional hand-stitched upholstery components. We are experts in traditional reupholstery techniques including rebuilding coil-spring upholstery, hand stitching, diamond buttoning and frame repair work.

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